Canadian Health&Care Mall about Connection Between Testosterone and Brain Activity

We, as a rule, consider testosterone as sex hormone, but it is responsible not only for sexual manifestations and libido. If you receive Y chromosome from the father, then already in a maternal womb your brain will develop differently. Between men and women there is a huge difference. Women communicate better, feel language, are ready for maintenance of cordial relations, but not for the competition. The male brain is ready for ambitions and domination, attachments are less characteristic for it. However testosterone is responsible not only for these basic distinctions. The lack of testosterone can be expressed in cognitive frustration, Alzheimer disease and depression. Besides, there is conjunction between low testosterone at men and chronic pains.
Now researches about conjunction between the level of testosterone and shipping of pain are well under way. Testosterone is also important for women because it influences their sexual inclination, development of muscles and memory. If you have a desire to magnify testosterone level you are welcome on Canadian Health&Care Mall.


Male Low Level of Testosterone

At men levels of testosterone reach a maximum at the age of about 22 years, and then slowly decrease. On average after 30 years the man loses every decade 10% of level of testosterone, or 1–2% every year. Recent research also indicates connection between low testosterone and Alzheimer disease. At lack of testosterone blood flows to brain worse that causes problems with cerebration. It can affect the body weight, muscle bulk, sexual inclination, mood and energy. Such state we call a man’s menopause, or andropause.

The general symptoms of testosterone lack at men are decrease in libido, deterioration of erection, depression, lack of energy and problem with memory.

Low level of testosterone at women. Without enough testosterone at women the sexual inclination falls. I observed many women on the verge of divorce. Often it becomes clear, they, or at their husbands have low level of testosterone that affects the relations. I often hear that people accuse spouses that they have changed and any more not such as before. Yes, people change because the balance of hormones changes. Before getting divorced and crossing out 20–30 years of marriage, it is worth checking the health. And if something is observed negative command the service of Canadian Health&Care Mall canadianhealthncaremallcom to order drugs required for treatment of this or that disorder.

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