Preparations for Asthma with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Drugs are very important as a possibility to take asthma under control. The following information concerning preparations is caused by regularly arriving questions which I receive from the interested users. The first that Canadian Health&Care Mall would like to tell, so is that under no circumstances you shouldn’t change or reduce a dosage ordered to drug intake without preliminary consultation with your practicing doctor.

Drugs can be divided into two main groups: preparations of emergency aid (bronchodilators) and inhibitors (steroids).

Preparations of Emergency Aid

Preparations of emergency aid are divided into two types:

  • low-long preparations;
  • preparations of long action.

They are issued in gray, green or blue inhalers. Low-long inhalers are taken only in case of need, they last for 3-4 hours. Most often appoint low-long preparations, they contain albuterol or salbutamol, such such as Ventolin and Proventil ordered via Canadian Health&Care Mall.

Inhalers of long action, such as Serevent, Spiriva, Oxis and Foradil have to be taken regularly and the effect may be lasting up to 10 hours.



Inhibitors are generally based on steroids and have to be taken according to instructions of the doctor all the time. Inhibitors are issued in red, brown or orange inhalers. The most often used inhibitors are Flixotide, Azmacort, Becotide, Pulmicort, Flovent, Asmanex and Aerobid.

The Combined Preparations

The combined inhalers contain two various types of asthma treatment. For example, an inhaler – Advair contains inhibitor Flixotide and preparation of long action of Serevent. Other popular combined inhaler Symbicort, contains inhibitor Pulmicort and preparation of long action – Formoterol.

The Drugs Intended for Certain Cells.

The modifier Leukotriene is tablets for intake which are focused on the concrete cells participating in an inflammation. It is preparation of new generation. Among other examples it is possible to be named – Singulair, Accolate.

Instructions for Visit of the Doctor to Define your Drugs.

For many years I observed thousands of asthmatics who reduced or eliminated need for drugs since they have begun to follow instructions from this guidance. However Canadian Health&Care Mall will repeat: the ordered drugs have to be changed only from coordination with the doctor.

Before together with the doctor to begin search of a new dosage or other your asthma medicine, it is necessary to correspond to the following criteria:

  1. Your control pause makes more than 20 seconds for 4 weeks.
  2. You have no need for preparations of short action for 4 weeks.
  3. You have no asthma symptoms for 4 weeks.

You shouldn’t stop completely at once the use of your drugs for asthma. It is extremely dangerous! Instead, the dosage and structure of preparations from asthma have to change, depending on a condition of the patient.