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Innovative Medical Discoveries

The past year for science has been very productive. Scientists have achieved in the field of medicine particular progress. Mankind has made wonderful discoveries, scientific breakthroughs, and created many useful medications that will be certainly soon in public access. We find dozens of the most amazing medical breakthroughs, which certainly will make a major contribution to development of health care services in near future.

Teixobactin Discovery

antibioticsIn 2014, the World Health Organization has warned of fact that humanity is entering the era of the so-called postantibiotic era. And it was right. Science and medicine already in 1987 did not produce truly new types of antibiotics. However, the disease does not stand still. Every year new infection appear, being more resistant to existing drugs. It was a real world problem. Nevertheless, in 2015, scientists have made a discovery that, in their opinion, will bring dramatic changes.

Scientists have discovered a new class of antibiotics consisting of 25 antimicrobial agents, including a very important one, known as teixobactin. This antibiotic «kills» bacteria by blocking their ability to produce new cells. In other words, microbes under the influence of this medication can not grow and develop resistance to the drug over time. Nowadays teixobactin has proven to be highly effective in the fight against resistant Staphylococcus aureus, and several bacteria causing tuberculosis.

Laboratory tests were carried out on mice examining teixobactin. The vast majority of experiments have shown drug’s efficiency. Human trials will start in 2017.

Doctors Grow New Vocal Cords

One of the most interesting and promising areas in medicine is considered to be tissue regeneration. In 2015, the list of re-created artificially by authorities is added by a new paragraph. Doctors from the University of Wisconsin have learned how to grow human vocal cords out of virtually nothing.Vocal Cords

A group of scientists under the direction of Dr. Nathan Vilhena created in bioengineered way a fabric that could imitate vocal cords mucous membrane performance, namely fabric, which is represented by two fiber bands that allow you to create vibrating human speech. Donor cells from which were subsequently grown new bundles were taken from five volunteer patients. Under laboratory conditions for two weeks, scientists grew tissue, after which it was added to an artificial larynx model.

Researchers describe generated received vocal chords sound as a metal, and compare it with the sound of robotic kazoo (toy wind musical instrument). However, scientists believe that they have created vocal cords in real world (ie, when implanted in a living organism) will sound almost like the real thing.
In one recent experiment on laboratory mice grafted with human immune systems, researchers decided to test whether body rejects new tissue or not. Fortunately, it did not happen. Dr. Vilhem assures that fabric will not be rejected by human body as well.

Cancer Drugs can Help Patients with Parkinson’s Disease

Nilotinib is a proven and approved drugs, which are commonly used to treat people with symptoms of leukemia. But a new study by the Georgetown University Medical Center, shows that Nilotinib can be a very powerful means for control of motor symptoms in people with Parkinson’s disease, improving their motor functions, and controlling non-motor symptoms of disease.

Fernando Pagan, one of doctors who conducted the study, believes that Nilotinib therapy may be the first of its kind in effective method of reducing degradation of cognitive and motor function in patients with neurodegenerative diseases such as Parkinson’s disease.

Scientists within six months give higher doses of Nilotinib to 12 volunteers patients. All 12 patients who underwent this test till the end, felt an improvement of motor functions. In 10 out of them there was noted a significant improvement.Parkinson's Disease

The main objective of this study was to check security and safety of Nilotinib on human body. The used dose was much less than dose that is usually given to patients with leukemia. Despite the fact that drug confirmed to be effective, yet study was conducted on a small group of people without involvement of control groups. Therefore, before Nilotinib will be used as a treatment of Parkinson’s disease it has to undergo a few more tests and researches.

The First in the World of 3D-Printed Chest

The last few years, 3D-printing technology penetrates into many areas, leading to surprising discovery, development and new production methods. In 2015, doctors from the University Hospital of Salamanca in Spain conducted the world’s first surgery to replace the damaged patient’s chest to a new 3D-printed prosthesis.

The man suffered from a rare type of sarcoma, and doctors had no choice. To avoid further spread of tumor throughout the body, experts have removed almost all of human sternum bone and replaced it on titanium implant.3D-Printed Chest

Typically, implants for large parts of skeleton are made from a variety of materials, which over time can wear out. In addition, replacement of such a complex articulation of bones, bones of sternum, which is usually unique to each individual case, demanded that doctors should conduct a thorough scan of human sternum to develop proper implant size.
As material it was to be used a new titanium-base alloy. After high-precision quantitative computed tomography, scientists used printer – Arcam cost $ 1.3 million and created a new titanium rib cage. Sternum installation operation was successful, and person has passed a full course of rehabilitation.

From Skin Cells into Brain Cells

Scientists at the Salk Institute in California La Jolla dedicated one year for studies of human brain. They developed a method of transforming skin cells into brain cells and have found some useful applications of new technology.

It should be noted that researchers have found a process for converting old skin cells into brain cells, which facilitates their further use, for example, in studies of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases and their correlation with effects due to aging. Historically, for such studies brain cells of animals were used, but researchers in this case were limited by their capabilities.

More recently, scientists have been able to turn stem cells into brain cells that can be used for research. However, it is quite time-consuming process, and output is a cell, unable to simulate the elderly person’s brain.

Once the researchers have developed a way to create an artificial brain cells, they directed their efforts to create neurons that would possess the ability to produce serotonin. Although derived cells have only a tiny fraction of human brain capacity, they are actively helping scientists in research and finding cures for such diseases and disorders, such as autism, schizophrenia and depression.

Pros and Cons of Internet Pharmacies

Internet PharmaciesInternet gives us vast amount of opportunities of shopping online. It becomes more and more popular to buy medications online especially via Canadian Pharmacy Mall.

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On websites of online pharmacy it is presented a virtually complete range of medicines and drugs, dietary supplements, medical cosmetics, physiotherapy units, children’s products, and general health products. This range, of course, increases consumer loyalty to online sales.

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Several years ago, the American experts have issued advice for web pharmacy owners.

In their view, virtual pharmacy can not exist without such service as “specialist advice” where customers are able to ask any questions and get advice on drugs, dietary supplements, medical devices, medical cosmetics, goods for mothers and babies, orthopedic products. On the site you need to specify the address and phone number. Here are a few rules that are important to follow:

  • all drugs that come in a variety of goods, should have certificates of conformity and a mandatory pass system of state control;
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