Enemies of Potency: Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs and Medications

The fact that smoking, alcohol abuse, taking drugs have a disastrous effect on condition of male reproductive organs is known to everyone. This is evidenced by data of numerous scientists, there are many publications in mass media. Decrease in potency, as a side effect of a number of common drugs, is less known.

Alcoholic Beverages

Abuse of alcoholic beverages has been and remains the main factor provoking erectile dysfunction symptoms in men. Negative effect of alcohol on erection has several pathophysiological mechanisms.

First, intake of alcohol is accompanied by serious impairments in work of liver – the main body responsible for detoxifying the body and synthesis of biologically active substances, including hormones. As a result of liver pathology, synthesis of male sex hormones is disrupted, as a result, libido decreases, and thereafter, potency is lowered.factors that distruct potencySecond, alcohol decreases sensitivity of penis, which is accompanied by weak erection and difficulties with onset of ejaculation.


Nicotine, contained in cigarette smoke, is detrimental to the entire body of the smoker, and in particular to state of his heart and blood vessels. Causing persistent narrowing of blood vessels, nicotine disrupts normal blood filling of cavernous bodies of penis during erection. In addition to vascular spasm, smoking provokes development of atherosclerosis, in which vascular wall becomes brittle, and deposits of lipoproteins significantly narrow lumen of vessels. Heart attack or blood stroke – a frequent complication of atherosclerosis – does not contribute to active sexual life. If atherosclerosis affects vessels of penis, a man slowly but surely develops organic impotence.

Narcotic Drugs

Drug use is one of the main medical and social problems in developed capitalist countries. Narcotic substances for the most part do not directly affect erection. One of the mediated mechanisms of appearance of erectile dysfunction in use of drugs is reduction of libido on the background of depression accompanying forced interruption in intake of narcotic substances in men with drug dependence. In addition, use of non-injecting drugs is accompanied by development of toxic polyneuropathy and violation of innervation of male sexual organ. Injecting drug use is fraught with high risk of contracting viral hepatitis or AIDS, impaired liver function and development of erectile dysfunction.


Some medications can cause development of erectile dysfunction, fortunately, disappearing after withdrawal of medicine that caused it. Examples of such drugs may be some drugs for treatment of cardiovascular system diseases. As a result of using such medications, blood filling of penis and onset of erection is difficult, erectile dysfunction develops. To fibrosis of cavernous bodies of penis can also bу caused by use of drugs to treat atherosclerosis.

Often, erectile dysfunction develops at use of strong tranquillizers and neuroleptics. Mechanism of development of erectile problems is persistent decrease in libido, as well as in violation of innervation of penis due to changes in motor centers of spinal cord and brain. Erectile dysfunction can also be caused by some drugs to lower blood pressure. Among popular drugs, which can be accompanied by occurrence of erectile dysfunction, it is worth mentioning histamine blockers (drugs for treating peptic ulcer of stomach and duodenum).

Before taking any medications, carefully read instructions, and always consult your doctor about possibility of developing unwanted effects.