Chronic Prostatitis and Erectile Dysfunction. How to Maintain Men’s Health?

Men rarely talk about their problems aloud. The vast majority of them do not like to seek help. And almost everyone thinks: «I’m strong! I can do it myself».

And in the meantime, already from the age of 20 – 30 years young people begin to experience problems of intimate nature. And every year, men’s diseases, in particular chronic prostatitis, «get younger».

How to recognize the problem even before it manifests itself and live a full life till a very old age? It is necessary to cease to perceive visits to a doctor as display of weakness. And also, men, take care of yourselves more attentively and learn to «hear» your body. Chronic prostatitis and other urological diseases can be prevented if timely visit urologist and conduct necessary examination.

20 – 30 Years Old

prostatitis and erectile dysfunctionArmed with large supply of energy and high level of testosterone, young people at this age are inclined to love performances and victories. And often they do not notice initial signs of deterioration of their health, which can already be at such a young age:

  • burning in urethra;
  • discharge from urethra;
  • painful urination, which are especially acute after unprotected intercourse.

When these signs are manifested, you should immediately contact urologist. Urologists will prescribe tests for main STIs and conduct PCR-study of urethral scrapings necessary for prostatitis diagnosis. In such cases, it is often necessary to take a course of antibiotics.

If you delay visit to doctor, then erectile function may be impaired (weak erection or complete absence of it, inability to maintain erection sufficient for intercourse), chronic prostatitis, pain in perineum or even infertility may appear, as well as narrowing of urethra until complete closure. To get rid of such pathology only complex reconstructive surgery with unknown prognosis will help.

Remember that visit to doctor and examination will take you no more than an hour. But you will protect yourself from future problems, which then will force you to spend much more time.

30 – 40 Years Old

Chronic prostatitis – it’s easier to prevent than to heal!

Most men after 30 are focused on career and family. To build a house, plant a tree and give birth to a son are the main goals that a man wants to reach at this age. We have to work hard, and, therefore, get really tired. Chronic stress, malnutrition, lack of physical activity, venous stasis in pelvis, disruption of hormonal balance begin to manifest at this age. Many men after 30 observe erectile dysfunction, chronic prostatitis. And you will be helped in this situation only by urologist, whom you must visit immediately! He will conduct comprehensive examination, according to results of which he will prescribe treatment. You can still fix it. The main thing is not to be late for visit to doctor and not allow chronic prostatitis to development.

40 – 50 Years Old

The greatest danger waiting for men after 40 years is prostate cancer. The disease, revealed in early stages of development, without manifestation of symptoms, does not pose mortal danger and is easily cured. Specialists use modern methods for treating prostate cancer, which allow preserving habitual quality of life and erectile function.

Unfortunately, overwhelming majority of men go to urologist with symptoms:

  • admixture of blood in sperm and urine;
  • difficulties with urinating;
  • pain in bones of pelvis and perineum.

They indicate late stages of the disease, when complete cure is no longer possible. Therefore, men after 40 years once a year must necessarily take PSA (prostate specific antigen – cancer marker of prostate glad) of blood and visit urologist.

Erectile dysfunction is another threat waiting for men after 40 years. Usually, in solving this problem, participation of urologist only is not enough. Only an integrated approach can reveal true cause of erectile dysfunction and eliminate it, restoring erectile function, or significantly reducing severity of symptoms, improving quality of life of a man.

50 – 70 Years Old

After 50 years, level of main male hormone – testosterone, significantly decreases. This threatens rapid fatigue, mood swings and reduced stress resistance. Symptoms of lower urinary tract may appear – frequent urination, weak urine stream, feeling of incomplete emptying of the bladder and most importantly, what prevents a man from getting enough sleep overnight is night-time urination. Often these symptoms are caused by prostatic hyperplasia. With timely visit to doctor medical treatment will be enough to solve the problem. At later stages you will need surgical treatment.prostatitis and erectile dysfunction

«There is no greater wisdom than timeliness,» Francis Bacon once said. Think, is it worth it to risk your health and usual standard of living, because you do not have time to go to doctor or because, as you think, a strong man always deals with his problems by himself? Make the right decision – contact urologist immediately at first symptoms of worsening of your health.