Monica’s Top Ten List of Reasons to Get a Colonic at Spa Mar Adentro

  1. Hydro Colon TherapyTo get a new physical lease on life
  2. Get rid POUNDS of dried fecal matter in the colon!
  3. Detox the body and clean the liver
  4. Reverse health issues like allergies, gastric insufficiencies, and weight problems
  5. Raise your ph and boost your immune system bringing your system into balance
  6. Rejuvenate the skin
  7. Alleviate chronic constipation
  8. You will get a colonic from the best colonic therapist on the planet! Monica Diaz-Rivera is an I-ACT certified therapist with years of experience. She is a dedicated detoxification therapist passionate about her work. She works with and is recommended by several medical doctors in the area. Her clients typically respond after their treatment, “Wow, I’ve never had a colonic like that!”
  9. You can combine it with other health-affirming services like a chiropractic adjustment, detox massage, lymphatic drain, or an infra-red sauna among others
  10. Buy a scrumptious cinnamon roll and a cup of fresh-ground coffee on your way out (just kidding – on any other day you can do that)!

One Response to “Monica’s Top Ten List of Reasons to Get a Colonic at Spa Mar Adentro”

linda williams says:
July 9, 2010 at 11:26 pmI had been getting Colonics for years in california,and thought I had been to he best untill I came across Monica! by far the best Colonic Therapist I know.Monica is so well trained,and a natural at making the most nervous first timers at ease!She is a real find,super reasonable,and more knowledgeable about her field and way beyond.
I wouldnt use anyone else!