Private Pilates with Zoe – It’s the Real Deal!

Private PilatesSo, if you are anything like me, and have tried some variation of Reformer or Mat Pilates here in Cabo, I am here to tell you, you haven’t experienced REAL PILATES.

I am talking about the experience I had with the International Private Pilates Instructor, Zoe Chakiris!

As soon as I entered her beautiful studio, I was impressed with the full array of Pilates equipment, I hadn’t seen anywhere else in Cabo San Lucas or San Jose del Cabo!

As we proceeded, and chatted, I began to understand why Zoe is so good at what she does. With such a strong and varied alternative health care background including training in orthopedic rehabilitation, lymphatic drainage, massage, and 20 years since she started taking Pilates classes, there isn’t much she doesn’t know about this stuff.

After testing my flexibility, strength, and range of motion, we discussed what I wanted to get out of my session, and off we went. I looooved it! I couldn’t believe how graceful, yet powerful each exercise was. I could feel EXACTLY the muscles working that were supposed to be working. With Zoe’s natural expertise guiding me, each exercise was like doing three or more exercises in one. I guess that’s why there are fewer exercises, and less repetitions needed.

Everything involved my core, and I could feel my whole body strengthening and lengthening. I noticed she had really paid attention to my needs and wants, especially regarding an injury I need to work on a lot.

I can see how Pilates works for such a broad range of people and ages. Zoe never left my side, and followed me through every move and breath, so I can’t imagine any risk of injury at all! Zoe is passionate and focused, and as promised, I felt relaxed, and revived, and honestly, my body felt like it had done yoga, weight training, and a session the Chriopractor when I left! So, yes I am hooked, now that I actually realize what” Real Pilates is.

GUESS WHAT? Now through October Zoe is offering your first Private Pilates Session for $300 pesos, and each one after that is only $400 pesos! She also does Semi Private sessions with even more value at $250 pesos each. Great for couples or friends. I know just who I am about to make my new Pilates partner. With prices like this, he has NO excuse!!

I would sum up my experience doing Private Pilates with Zoe, compared to the other classes I have tried as …the difference between wearing a polyester sweater and a Cashmere sweater…YOU CAN FEEL IT!!

Hmmmm.. I wonder if I have earned one of Monica’s home baked Cinnabons??

Call Zoe for your first private Pilates session. Cell: 624-117-7261.

One Response to “Private Pilates with Zoe – It’s the Real Deal!”

Vesna Thomas says:
September 22, 2010 at 8:19 pmI totally agree !! I have been doing pilates for the past 3 years and I am so much stronger, leaner and 10 lbs lighter. I was once one of those gym junkies spending 2 hours at the gym doing classes and weights and still didn’t feel or look the way I wanted to. I agree with Linda! It’s like you’ve had an adjustment, yoga and strength training all in ONE ! Bonus it’s all in one hour. I now do 3 pilates classes a week and 3 yoga classes and I feel great.