A message from Dr. Kevin McCaleb: Why we all need a Chiropractor

message from Dr. Kevin McCalebPeople often ask me when they should visit a Chiropractor. The sad fact is, most people walk through my door for one reason and one reason only, pain. Pain is often the last symptom that something is wrong. Imagine the pain someone feels when suffering a massive heart attack. It’s excruciating. However, that same person often has no idea their arteries have been undergoing atherosclerosis (arterial plaque buildup) for many months, even years, leading up to the heart attack. It’s a similar situation when someone suffers a disc herniation. They often felt no pain leading up to the moment the disc herniated. The spine is probably the strongest, most resilient part of the human body. Therefore, it’s highly unlikely to suffer a substantial spinal injury without there having been a major trauma or underlying disease process. Thus, the problems that so many people suffer from in their forties and fifties, could likely be the result of spinal injuries that were allowed to go unchecked and therefore untreated for many years. A common example is someone who was involved in a major car accident in their twenties.

Maintaining a Healthier You

Maintaining a Healthier YouFirst of all, let me compliment you on your choice to be healthier. You should pride of yourself for exercising initiative in to take care for your body. Because if you care of your body, it will take care of you. Guess of the choice you’ve applied as being similar to altering your diet, or making up your mind to begin training. Chiropractic is an equipment to be utilized toward a healthier you. It’s a lifestyle choice. I desire you to guess of your body like a car. Both are exceedingly complicated machines with multifold systems that demand to cooperate in a ceaseless fashion. Each car has a computer which takes under control of all of its functions through different channels. Everything from the flow oil to the anti-lock catches is taken under control by the computer. Well, just like a car, your body has a computer which regulates all of its functions through different channels. Your body’s computer is known as your brain. The different channels that it utilizes to regulate the functions of your body are your spinal cord, and nerves. Everything from the beat of your heart, the flow of your blood, the air in your lungs, to the strength and movement of your limbs. All are regulated by signals appearing in your brain, traveling through your spinal cord, out to the different constituents of your body via the nerves. Your brain, spinal cord, and nerves compose what is calles as the nervous system. Moreover, the nervous system, because of it’s duties, is the most significant system in your body. Chiropractic is the most popular, widely utilized, non-invasive therapy for treating the nervous system. It may be conducted together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.