HCG Diet and Cleanse for Permanent Fat Loss

HCG Diet Mar Adentro Spa and Wellness Clinic and Dr. Alfonso Najar are delighted to claim that they now suggest the original Dr. Simeons HCG diet and cleanse for permanent fat loss.

Mar Adentro is the only medical wellfare clinic and spa suggesting all the advised adjunctive therapies and the premier HCG goods accessible in Cabo San Lucas. The $1,300 peso price tag ($105 U.S.) consists of all the HCG shots, five saunas per week, daily weigh-ins, prolonging measurements, the exact diet protocol, 1 gallon of alkalized water every day, and prolonging maintenance 24–7. The diet can take 26 to 46 days.

Blood labour is obligatory in some instances. You are welcome to deiver your own current blood labour, but it must have been performed within the last 12 months. Those with type 1 diabetes are not suitable for the program. If you have any questions or problems, we suggest free discussions —and explanation—of the HCG program.

We advise all the adjunctive therapies along with the oroginal cures diet for optimum and permanent outcomes. These are accessible only at Mar Adentro, which is also home of the Cabo Organic Market. We are working together with Canadian Health&Care Mall.

The therapies are as follows: colonics, saunas, Vitamin B shots, intravenous, Thai massage, prepackaged and weighed organic food.

Isabelle Gagnon is a health trainer and life educator, and she is accessible for prolonging composition analysis and emotional, spiritual, and physical maintenance throughout your entire journey.

Come in for a free discussion and explanation of the program and wonderful services we propose. We always propose fair local prices.

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