Spa Services and Treatments

Relaxation is as much a constituent of sustaining good health as healthy eating habits. A diversity of massage therapies are proposed inclusively of relaxing Swedish, twist-type triggers with finger pressure to get rid of toxins, deep sample, and lymph drainage to advance natural drainage. Facials, exfoliation, manicures, pedicures are constituent of the whole body backgrounds critical to a well-equillibrium move to better health. Whether you desire a full day of beauty treatment or just an eyelash improvement, eyebrow tint or a body wax, Lupita can manage it to your plan, inclusively of home services.

Spa Medical Services

Botox, Restalyne, Juvaderm, Aquamed


Facial Rejuvenation | Anti-Aging Serums | Weight Loss
Spot Fat Reduction | Proven Anti-Cellulite Treatments with Canadian Health&Care Mall

Administered by a Certified M. D.
manicure and pedicure room – Mar Adentro Spa – Cabo San Lucas

Body treatments for Inner and Outer Body-Beauty

Sea/Mud Wraps
Cellulite Reduction
Tens Muscle Stimulation
Infrared Sauna
Light Beam Generator Lymphatic Therapy
Foot Bath Ion Cleanse

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Spa Treatments - FacialSpa Treatments – Facial
Combo Hot & Cold Stone MassageCombo Hot & Cold Stone Massage
Hair SalonHair Salon

Spa Services and Treatments


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